50 Things We Love About Agriculture

National Ag Week kicks off on March 19th and continues through the 25th. National Ag Day, which is celebrated on March 21st, is about recognizing and celebrating what agriculture provides. As part of the celebration, we are sharing 50 things that make all of us love agriculture.

  1. Agriculture feeds the world.
  2. Climbing up on the combine.
  3. The smell when you walk into the barn.
  4. Every day brings something different.
  5. Learning the value of hard work.
  6. Respect for the land.We love agriculture - 50 things - AgHires
  7. Family values – 99% of U.S. farms are operated by families!
  8. Cows! No two cows have the exact same spots.
  9. Agriculture employs more than 24 million American workers.We love agriculture - 50 things - AgHires
  10. Tractors!
  11. Pigs! There are over 180 species around the world!
  12. Eating lunch on the back of a truck.  We love agriculture - 50 things - AgHires
  13. Watching the sun rise in the morning as you start your day.
  14. 4H and the lasting friendships it brings. We love agriculture - 50 things - AgHires
  15. Spending time outdoors.
  16. There is never a boring day.
  17. There is always an opportunity to learn something new.
  18. Your day-to-day duties change with the seasons.
  19. Farming is a time-honored tradition.
  20. It is more than a job, it’s a lifestyle.
  21. You always know the weather forecast.
  22. You get to work with fun equipment!
  23. You have an excuse to get dirty without being told to clean up.
  24. Nothing beats the view from your office – the outdoors.
  25. Every year is a fresh start.
  26. Living the American dream.
  27. The farming community – both customers and other farmers! We love agriculture - 50 things - AgHires
  28. Kids learn many life lessons through agriculture.
  29. Sheep! There are 47 different breeds in the U.S.
  30. Women farmers – they own more than 50 million acres of farmland in the U.S.
  31. There are over 200 different career fields within the ag industry.
  32. Farmers and ranchers provide food and habitat for 75% of the nation’s wildlife.
  33. Farmers provide more than food – they provide products people use every day!
  34. Contributing to the economy.
  35. Being self-sufficient.
  36. Loving what you do and being extremely dedicated to it.
  37. Having pride in the work that you accomplish.
  38. Cattle! They outnumber the population of people in nine states!
  39. Caring for the environment by adopting methods to conserve land, soil, and water.
  40. Contributing to the community.
  41. Learning how to be independent.
  42. Fresh air and sunshine are a regular part of the job!We love agriculture - 50 things - AgHires
  43. Constant advancements in technology – self driving tractors?!
  44. Oh, and did we mention drones are a regular thing in agriculture now, too?
  45. Agriculture is a rapidly growing industry.
  46. Even if your coworkers aren’t blood-related, they feel like family.
  47. Chickens! A person eats approximately 250 eggs each year.
  48. Cow cuddles.We love agriculture - 50 things - AgHires
  49. Farms helped build America.
  50. Getting to be a part of preserving the legacy of farming.

AgHires supports and celebrates National Ag Day and the mission to raise awareness about the importance of agriculture in today’s society. To search through thousands of agriculture jobs, go to: https://aghires.com/

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